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Message from the President (2018)

Richard B. Hayag


(2018 Year End GM and Partners Meeting)

2018 left us with things to recognize, celebrate and to recollect as we face more challenges in the work that we do. Together, we embarked on a journey to fight HIV and AIDS by empowering individuals and communities through sexual and reproductive health education and advocacy.

GM as an organization of volunteers and advocates, we worked with very limited budget, still, we successfully overcome the challenges we faced. Through the collective efforts of GM members, partners and allies, we have gone a long way in this journey. GM was able to continue its flagship program engaging seven MSM groups and clans from all provinces of the Bicol Region to be active in HIV advocacy. I am also pleased to share that GM was able to establish more linkages and provided HIV and sexual and reproductive health information to more communities and institutions this year.

On behalf of the GM family, I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to SULONG RH, The Forum, HAIN and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the support and opportunities to be capacitated and conduct activities to advance our advocacy. Likewise, to Albay PYDO, YMCA of Albay, GAYON and other organizations who was with us in all our endeavors in the Bicol Region.

I would also like to thank DOH Region V for supporting our initiatives. To the LGUs and Municipal Health Offices / Social Hygiene Clinics, thank you for the trust to be your partner and for giving us technical support in our activities. Also, I would like to thank Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital – Treatment Hub as a partner in providing care and assistance to our brothers and sisters living with HIV.

Last but not the least, I laud my GM family for their unwavering support to our cause. To our members and volunteers, officers and trustees, and our advisers, thank you.

Working with you, our partners and allies, in advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights for the families and communities we serve taught us to be stronger, inspired to do better and empowered us to work harder. As 2018 ends, GM renews its commitment to continue its work and service to the Bicolandia communities.

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