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Bicolano Community Expresses their Gratitude to our Modern Heroes amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

By Kevin de Vera

April 20, 2020

The Luzon-wide community quarantine was put in place by the Philippine Government on March 16, 2020 to control the spread of of COVID-19.

Since the first positive case was reported last January 30, 2020, we have seen that countless of frontliners, especially from the health workforce, lost their lives to COVID-19.

Our doctors, nurses and health workers urged the public to help them by keeping the infection controlled through social distancing, regular hand washing and by staying at home.

"I will save you, but please save me too... I am yet to be married... #StayAtHome"

Our fronliners are modern heroes. To keep the public safe, they are putting their lives at risk to be out there. They are health workers, workers in the food industry, public safety persons, pharmacists, local officials, volunteers, etc.

Despite their sacrifices, it is saddening that we hear news about frontliners being discriminated, emotionally and physically violated. The fear of COVID-19 has resulted to stigma against frontliners, especially to those who handle people who contacted or was exposed to the infection.

To show the love and support of the Bicolano Community, individuals, organizations and families took the time to share their cheers and thanks to all our modern heroes.

"To our frontliners and health workers, thank you so much. Salute and Cheers! from GAYON LGBT Org. Inc."

from YMCA of Albay, Inc.

from Mortel Family (Camalig, Albay)

from Basco Family (Legazpi City)

More messages in this video:

"The GM Bicol family, would like to express our solidarity and gratitude to all the modern heroes serving Bicolano families and the rest of the world," says Richard Hayag, GM Bicol for SRHR President. "At this point in time, we can only work together to save ourselves, families and friends. Let's help our frontliners by staying at home. We can do this together," he added.

#SararoSarabayKayaTaIni United and together, we can do this!

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