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GM calls for the attention of local leaders to invest in young people

by Kevin de Vera

March 30, 2019

GM Bicol urges local leaders to include in their agenda the present of young people. Young Filipinos state of reproductive health is dire and continues to worsen. Much attention and action is needed from all stakeholders.

Comprehensive sexuality education is one key to ensure better life choices and responsible decisions by young people in expressing their sexuality. Equally important are opportunities for young people to learn and develop their leadership skills. There is a school of thought that expresses sex education will promote promiscuity. However, UNAIDS says in a review of 68 studies from around the world commissioned by the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS determined that providing young people with sex education does not promote promiscuity. The most effective prevention education programs are those that foster open communication regarding sex, negotiation skills, social and media influences, and safer sex methods.

To protect young people's life, government must invest more in health services, especially making access to information about sexual and reproductive health must be accessible and available to them.

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