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Mothers Come in Different Shapes, Colors and Sizes: and they are The Best

(Mother’s Day Special)

by Kevin de Vera

May 12, 2019

My Mom is the Best

Mothers do a lot reproductive work such care giving and other domestic roles including cleaning, cooking, child care, and also productive work to earn a living for their families, especially their children. Its like a quick cycle of mom waking up early, getting breakfast ready, preparing husband’s and kids’ uniform for work and school, preparing self to work, washing the dishes, going to work, passing by the marker after office, coming back at home, preparing dinner, washing the laundry, getting kids to bed, trying to get a good time with husband, then going to sleep, and waking up early the next day… no wonder Moms are the best in the world.

“My mom is the best person in the world because she's selfless. I may not be here without her.” Says Pawpaw, a youth leader.

Mothers are in fact super heroes. They literally put their life at stake to carry their kid for nine months, bled and went through labor pains no male can think of. Moms are selfless and often look after the welfare of their children before anything else.

“My mom, she’s basically a superwoman if you ask me. She’s always on the go and somehow manages to get everything done. I’m so thankful to have a mother like her. She’s a gift from God. I could list 100 reasons why my mom is the greatest. But let me share five: 1. She Loves unconditionally; 2. She is like a free therapy; 3. She is patient; 4. She is my best friend, and; 5. Faithful - she'll always be by my side through everything. I am so grateful.” Says a Roland Angelo about his super Mom.

My Mom is both a Fortune Cookie and a Cookie Monster

Moms are the sweetest and the coolest, but can be the scariest person in the world as well, sometimes. You better come home early if mom tells you to be home early. You better come home next day than coming late tonight, it is safer to meet your mom face-to-face fresh and rested in the morning than tired and hot headed late at night.

Your mom could hit you for being really naughty, but it does not mean, you are a terrible person. Your mom loves you when she pinches you, throws your dirty undies on your face, or when she wakes you up with a glass of water poured all over your sleepy face.

If you are now older, I’m sure you love to remember how your mom treats you when you did something not so very nice at all, and would laugh about it. If you are still young, don’t think that the world hates you just because your mom keeps on nagging at you, because you will miss those when you grow older.

“My mom isn’t just a mom. Sometimes, my mom is as scary as a monster. She’s tough and not easy to please. But this monster has a secret, she loves me unconditionally, stays up all night taking care of me when I am sick, and she cries a lot when she sees me crying in pain. She might be tough, but she has a heart as soft as a marshmallow.” Says Kyle, a teacher and community volunteer. “To my monster mom, thank you and I love you raising and taking care of me,” he sweetly added.

My Mom was with me all the way to who I am today, empowered and successful

Not all kids with sexual orientation outside the mainstream gender expectation of Filipino society are lucky enough to have parents, especially moms, who are supportive of being special. Growing up in a family where you can maximize your potential and freely do what you want in life can really make a difference. Mothers in the Filipino culture are expected to serve as ‘ilaw ng tahanan’ (to give light to members of the family) while Fathers are ‘haligi’ (the foundation). Mothers in most families are actually both ‘ilaw’ and ‘haligi’.

“Behind every accomplishment in my life is someone who had the greatest impact on making me who I am today, and she is my mother. The best mom in the world. She plays a dual role, a father and a mother. She embraces my sexual orientation. She supports me in every decision I make and enable me to see that success comes from hard work. She inspires me and taught me to always believe in myself. Whenever I am faced with a problem and have to make a decision, I know that my mother will be behind me one hundred percent no matter what. It is a great feeling to know that someone is always going to support me in anything I choose to do. It alleviates much of the stress that comes along with making decisions.” Says Chad, a simple man who made great things in serving communities, GM President.

Mothers come in different shapes, colors and sizes

Tomorrow is another day, and this year’s Mother’s Day has already passed. Wouldn’t it be great to make our moms feel how thankful we are for having them?

Mothers come in different shapes, colors and sizes. To some, they are the ones who gave life to them. To some, they are the ones who showed them the big world. To some, they are the ones who showed them the way and opened opportunities to learn, live, love and rock and roll.

They have different names, mama, mommy, ina, inay, nanay… most moms are link to you by blood, and some moms are those you met in school, some are those you called mamu or perhaps mader, and some are those who calls you son, daughter, nak, bunso, even if you are not related biological or legally.

Our mothers may not be with us forever, that’s a fact, but they will always be and forever our mothers – the Best there is.

“I think, my mom is more than the best even if she's not physically with us anymore for 2 years now. I still feel the love that mom showed us, the love that will never fade for the rest of our lives. She never failed to give us the courage and strength to live... she's our angel and no one can harm us because we know that she’s always there to guide and protect us, together with our dad.” Says Gelo, GM CBS Motivator.

At the end of the day, Mother’s Day is to remind us to love, share, and live a happy life. To be grateful to the bonds we share or shared with our moms. And to share our blessing as we were blessed having the best Moms in the world.

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